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The king of sudokus, perfect for brain training!

Killer Sudoku (aka Sumdoku / Mathdoku) is a Sudoku variant where cells are grouped into cages and the sums of the values in each cage are given. Once you know Killer, you will never go back to Classic again...

The app includes lots of cute little 4x4 and 6x6 puzzles, perfect for beginners, with contextual hints to help you learn Killer techniques interactively. From there you graduate to 23 levels of chunky 8x8 and full-size 9x9 puzzles, guaranteed to stretch any brain. Are you one of the very few who can conquer 9x9 level 15???

The app has everything you could wish for: gazillions of puzzles at all sizes and levels, automatic notes, drag copy & repeat entries, sum calculator, cage summer, progress validator, and hints.

Great app. Great tools. Great challenges. Great fun. Moose
It's the best killer sudoku app. David
This is the app I’ve been looking for ever since I discovered how much more fun Killer is than ordinary sudoku. Jean
Easy to use, intuitive, well designed. No crazy graphics or flashy gimmicks. Carole
Fantastic app. Good at getting you to "up your game", learning new techniques as well as just playing. Mark
The app is ideal for learning step by step how to solve killer sudokus. Even professionals should find plenty of food for tinkering. Dimi
It has made me pull out a notebook and reinvigorate my logical mathematical self. Morgan
Great app, well laid out, good features. Billie
Excellent App. Easy help and guidance when needed. Thank you. Ray
Good puzzle app. Easy to use, I like that you don't have separate keyboard for penciling in options Rachel
Great puzzles and fun learning. Numbers turn small automatically to resemble pencil marking; splendid! Mattie
I'm a legit review, wanted a killer sudoku app, this one perfect even tho not many downloads it's better than any other app Harry
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